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Please be safe this Memorial day weekend!

To some people’s surprise, Memorial Day weekend is not about partying but about honoring our fallen brave.  To learn more about the Memorial Day holiday tradition, please click here.  We owe a huge debt to those who have gone before us and sacrificed so much and the least we can do is not endanger our fellow citizens.

If you do choose to celebrate with alcohol or any illegal substances, please do so responsibly and DO NOT DRIVE while intoxicated!  If you choose to get on the road, don’t say we didn’t warn you!  Our Mississippi Law enforcement also has a Memorial Day tradition too!  That tradition is locking people up that put the rest of us in harms way.

Every year, troopers step up patrols in Mississippi to protect the traveling public on holidays.  This holiday will be no different.

While you are out celebrating, please keep in mind some basic safety tips. Here are some areas where you will want to pay special attention:

  • Food Safety
  • Outdoor cooking safety
  • Fire safety
  • Water safety
  • Boating safety

Visit these webpages to see some additional tips on how you can have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Grilling Safety

Boating Safety

Road trip Checklist

Unfortunately, no matter how many law enforcement officers are on the streets to protect us, many people will ignore common sense and the law, and they will cause accidents while drinking or drugging and driving.  The National Safety Council estimates that approximately 390 people will die in accidents this coming weekend. Don’t be a statistic!

In the event you are harmed by a drunk or intoxicated driver, be sure you and your family are protected by contacting a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer right away.  A lawyer can help you avoid costly mistakes after an accident.  Like preserving evidence and assisting you with your obligations to the insurance company.  Valuable information must be preserved as quickly as possible after any accident to protect you and your family’s interests.  Statements should only be provided to the insurance company only after you have consulted with an attorney which should be done immediately after a serious accident.

Have a great weekend and be safe!




by Roberts Wilson
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