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Social Security Disability Claims in Oxford

No one plans to suffer a disability.  But is does happen and that’s why disability benefits are available.  The Social Security system can be complicated to navigate but you don’t have to go-it-alone; we can help.  The best course of action is to seek an experienced lawyer as soon as a disability occurs.  Our team is experienced in every aspect of the claims process.  Social Security Disability claims have important time limits that affect your rights to receive benefits; you can lose your rights by waiting.  If you are disabled, apply for your benefits today and contact us if you are denied.

What Can a Lawyer do For you?
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What a lawyer does for their clients in a Social Security case is not that different from what they do in a personal injury case.  We make sure that all the medical records and other important documentation are in the the Social Security Administration’s records so the judge will have enough information to make a decision in your case.

Another thing a lawyer can do is communicate with your medical providers to be sure they have provided the right information.  You see, it is not enough for your doctor to just say “John Doe is totally disabled”.  Your doctor really needs to identify what your specific limitations are and put that into their medical records.  Sometimes, a lawyer is able to write a letter to the doctor and ask them specific questions about your particular limiations  and when the lawyer gets that letter back, the letter can be sent into the Social Security Administration so it can be included in the record.  This way, the the Administrative Law Judge is able to consider this information from your doctor.

Alot of people ask if they can get approved for Social Security Disability without having to go to court.  The answer is “sometimes”.  If your lawyer feels like there is enough information in your Social Security Disability record, the lawyer can request what is called a “On the Record Ruling”.  The judge will then take a look at what is already contained in your record and see if a decision can be made.  If you are not granted benefits at this point, you can still go before the judge for a hearing.

At the Hearing

At the hearing, your attorney will go to bat for you.  Sometimes, the Administrative Law Judges prefer to ask you most of the questions and allow your lawyer to ask additional questions that they think are important later in the hearing.  Other times, your lawyer will be the main person asking you questions and will ask you relevant questions that are important to your case.  The lawyer will also ask you about things that might not be in the records and about your daily life and how you feel day to day.  This can all be very important to your claim.

In almost all Social Security Disability hearings, there is a vocational expert.  The main job of the vocational expert is to be familiar with the job market and what is available for a person who is similarly situated to the person who is applying for benifits.  Basically, the Vocational Expert uses government employment statistitical data to find out how many jobs you may or may not be able to perform.  If there is important information that the Vocational Expert may not be considering, the lawyer will ask them additional questions to make sure they have all the factors necessary to aid the judge in their decision.

If you or a loved one has applied for Social Security Disability and has been denied, Contact Roberts Wilson, P.A. for a Free Initial Consultation at (662) 533-9111.