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Oxford Truck Accident Lawyers

We all know when 18-Wheeler Accidents happen, the results can be devastating. What many folks may not know is that Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies are required to follow strict regulations to ensure your safety on the road. Examples of these Violations include too many hours on the road, log book tampering, improper load, violations of weight restrictions.

The Mississippi Injury Attorneys at Roberts Wilson, P.A. know what to investigate and what questions to ask to find out who is responsible. In any injury case, it is always an advantage to get the investigation started as soon as possible after a wreck so important evidence is not lost. This is especially true in tractor trailer crashes because the trucking company will have investigators on the scene within hours of the wreck.  Roberts Wilson, P.A. can dispatch a skilled Crash Investigator immediately to preserve and gather evidence in many situations.

Ambulance Chaser Warning: These are lawyers, or “investigators”, that cheat and break the laws and ethics rules that are designed to protect accident victims and their families from being taken advantage of by BAD LAWYERS.  These rule breakers may cheat their clients too.

Use Extreme Caution and seek advice about doing business with any lawyer or investigator who contacts you after a wreck. You can read the rule below and it includes people directed by attorneys to go and get clients to hire them, like “investigators” or “runners”.

These “ambulance chaser” lawyers are notorious for illegally contacting 18-wheeler crash victims or families because Big Trucks carry lots of insurance, $1 million dollars in most cases. Long story short, Lawyers who break the solicitation and ethics rules to get your case are cheaters and they may cheat you when handling your case.  If these lawyers are caught breaking the rules, they could be disbarred or suspended and have to stop handling your case.

Rule 7. 3 of the Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct:

(a) A Lawyer shall not by in-person or live telephone contact solicit professional employment from a prospective client with whom the lawyer has no family, close personal, or prior professional relationship when a significant motive of the lawyer’s doing so is the lawyer’s pecuniary gain.

The Mississippi Injury Attorneys at Roberts Wilson, P.A. can Stop the Chaos and unwanted communications after an 18-wheeler Accident, protects your rights and work to be sure you or your family is properly compensated.

You may be wondering How The Process Works and while every case is different, the following generally occurs in most cases after we are hired:

  • Take Photos of Vehicles
  • Investigate the Accident Scene
  • Stop All Communications Between Our Client and Insurance Companies and ambulance chasers.
  • Contact The Person Who Caused The Wreck or Their Insurance Company
  • Contact Our Client’s Insurance Company
  • Check For Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Gather Medical Records
  • Demand Settlement
  • Negotiate With The Insurance Company
  • File Suit If Insurance Company Won’t Pay What Client Deserves!

For a Free Initial Consultation, you can Call us at (662) 533-9111 or chat with our Website Receptionist. An Attorney or Representative of our firm is available to come to your home or visit you in the hospital when we take a case.