Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Free Consultations for Small Businesses Businesses would be well advised to carefully plan their survival strategy for the Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic and all its fallout. Disputing insurance coverage decisions may be a necessary part of that strategy if  insurance companies make coverage decisions in error or in bad faith. Your business or commercial policy […]

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Ford Recalls 240k Vehicles

Ford has recently issued a recall for over 240,000 vehicles due to a crash risk that could be caused by a defect in a suspension part.  The part can fracture and cause a crash which can result in injury or death. The recall concerns the the following models made between 2013 through 2018: Ford Flex […]

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Big Truck Accident Claims Are Complicated

Truck Accident Lawyer

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times from other attorneys, “trucking accident cases are nothing like car wrecks”, and that is the truth!  There are numerous factors that make trucking claims very different from your typical car accident claim.  For instance, think about how many different folks are involved […]

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