How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

A truck in Oxford drives in the rain | Roberts Wilson P.A.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident in Mississippi, it is extremely important that you protect your legal rights. You could be facing substantial costs and a long-term recovery. Obtaining full and fair compensation is crucial for moving on. Truck crash claims can be some of the most complicated and difficult […]

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Big Truck Accident Claims Are Complicated

Truck Accident Lawyer

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times from other attorneys, “trucking accident cases are nothing like car wrecks”, and that is the truth!  There are numerous factors that make trucking claims very different from your typical car accident claim.  For instance, think about how many different folks are involved […]

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18-Wheeler Crashes

We all know when 18-Wheeler Accidents happen, the results can be devastating. What many folks may not know is that Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies are required to follow strict regulations to ensure your safety on the road. Examples of these Violations include too many hours on the road, log book tampering, improper load, violations […]

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New Rules for Truck Drivers

New rules coming for truck drivers!  How do you feel about the new Electronic Logging Devices?  We want to hear from you. Here is a link to an article discussing the new ELD rules. Sound off Owner-Operators!  We want to hear what you think of this.  Is this really going to work?  Is it going […]

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