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While car wrecks are rare for individuals, they are not rare for us here at our office, because its all we do!

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of personal injury claims over the years, and here is what we recommend someone do immediately after any type of accident we handle:

  1. Make sure everyone is OK at the scene and CALL 911!
  2. Cooperate with law enforcement at the scene*
  3. Seek medical care for injuries as soon as possible.
  5. Call Roberts Wilson for a Free Initial Consultation immediately, your case may depend on it!

Get a Free Initial Consultation Now!

At our office we provide free initial consultations to anyone who has questions about a car wreck, truck wreck or other serious accident claim like a slip and fall  accident.

When a person takes advantage of our Free Initial Consultation, they learn very important things about their case that can save them money and headaches even  if they do not hire us, like how much a case might be worth.

Some of the things accident victims can learn by calling our office include the following:

  1. When to talk to the insurance company and when not to;
  2. How to talk with the insurance company and not damage a case;
  3. How to resolve property damage claims;
  4. What type of medical records must be obtained;
  5. What medical evaluations are needed;
  6. How long the claims process takes;
  7. Likelihood of a settlement without going to court;
  8. Whether or not a lawsuit might be necessary;
  9. How much a claim is worth;
  10. Important resources for catastrophic injury victims, (traumatic brain or paralysis injuries).

The primary reason we became lawyers is to help others.  The primary reason we offer Free Initial Consultations is to help people avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies, which happens all the time.

For some examples of how insurance companies mistreat their customers and accident victims, click here and here.  The secondary reason we offer free consultations is to evaluate whether or not a client needs our help.  If you don’t need a lawyer, we will tell you that and you can go on to handle the situation with the education we have provided you.  Generally speaking, the larger a case is, the more complex it will be and therefore more important to have a lawyer handle the case for you.  Call 662.533.9111 for a Free Initial Consultation.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While all cases are different, what do we do after a client hires our firm can be generally be found here.

*We recognize that there are instances where a person who has been in an accident might need to seek advice from a criminal defense attorney before cooperating with law enforcement.  If you believe you may be charged with a crime, we recommend people seek counsel before communicating with law enforcement or anyone else.




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