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Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Roberts Wilson, P.A. | September 6, 2022

The Oxford social security disability attorney at Roberts Wilson, P.A. has helped individuals throughout Mississippi obtain the benefits they deserve. Whether you have questions about your eligibility, you are getting ready to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, or the Social Security Administration has denied your SSDI benefits application, there are several ways an attorney can help you. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire an SSDI attorney if you need to collect benefits: 

Reason 1: Hiring an Attorney Can Improve Your Chances of Securing SSDI Benefits

Filing for Social Security disability benefits is not an easy process. There are lots of steps involved, and you must provide lots of information to the Social Security Administration. If you’ve never been through the process before, you can quickly feel overwhelmed, and you can easily make mistakes that will lead to a denial. 

Reason 2: Hiring an Attorney Can Speed Up the SSDI Application Process

Not only can hiring an attorney improve your chances of securing SSDI benefits, but it can also speed up the application process. An experienced lawyer will be able to handle your claim efficiently and minimize your chances of needing to go through the lengthy appeals process. 

Reason 3: Your Attorney Can Make Sure You Receive Maximum SSD Benefits 

How much are you entitled to receive in SSDI benefits? Even if you file a successful claim, if you don’t know the answer to this question, you won’t know whether you are receiving the full benefits you deserve. An Oxford Social Security Disability attorney can help make sure you receive maximum SSDI benefits. 

Reason 4: Your Attorney Can Fill Out the Paperwork For You

The forms you need to complete in order to file for Social Security disability benefits are confusing. If you try to fill out these forms on your own, you will run the risk of doing something incorrectly. An attorney who regularly handles SSDI benefit claims can quickly complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf. 

Reason 5: Your Attorney Can Deal with the Social Security Administration for You

Your attorney can also deal with the Social Security Administration on your behalf for most of the application process (with the notable exception of your SSDI interview). Your attorney will be able to easily answer questions about your application and proactively address any concerns that have the potential to lead to a denial. 

Reason 6: Your Attorney Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes 

When seeking SSDI benefits, there are lots of mistakes you need to avoid. If you aren’t careful, you could put your benefits in jeopardy unnecessarily. When you hire an attorney to represent you, your attorney will explain both what to do and what not to do while your application is pending. 

Reason 7: Your Attorney Can Help You Prepare for Your SSDI Interview 

As part of the application process, the Social Security Administration will typically ask you to sit for a disability interview. This interview is extremely important, as saying the wrong things during your interview could lead to a denial of benefits. Your attorney can help you prepare for your interview so you know exactly what to say (and what not to say) to the Social Security Administration’s representative. 

Reason 8: You Need to Start Collecting Benefits As Soon As Possible 

If you are like most people, you cannot afford to wait any longer than necessary to start collecting your SSDI benefits. Whether you are a first-time filer or you need to file an appeal (or potentially re-file your application), your attorney can help make sure you are able to start collecting benefits as soon as possible. 

Reason 9: You Need an Advocate on Your Side

The Social Security Administration will process your application based on the information you provide. If you make mistakes or overlook important considerations, it will not help you—that is simply not its role. Given all of the challenges we’ve discussed, when filing for Social Security disability benefits, it is important to have an advocate on your side.

Reason 10: Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney Costs Nothing Out-of-Pocket

Finally, you can hire an SSDI attorney at no out-of-pocket cost. You can get all of the help you need without paying anything upfront, and your attorney only gets paid if he or she helps you collect the benefits you deserve. 

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