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IMG_5320You don’t have to go far to find an out-of-town attorney willing to represent you here in your community, just turn on the television or pick up a phone book. Most of them are probably pretty good lawyers but they are not here in your community. They are not from here and don’t regularly participate in your community like local lawyers do. Below are just some of the reasons hiring a local lawyer may be a better choice for you as a client:

1. You can research a local lawyer easily by calling friends and family or members of your church. Because of this, it is much easier to find out about the reputation of the firm and the quality of services they provide. Local folks know Roberts Wilson, P.A., and they know how we work.
2. You can visit with a local lawyer personally. You don’t have to drive to Memphis or Jackson to see your lawyer if you can’t get them on the phone or just want to have a sit-down with them.  Your local lawyer can also easily come and see you at home or in the hospital.
3. We know your community! A local lawyer knows your community and the likelihood of success with the insurance company or a jury at the courthouse in an injury claim.  We regularly work with local adjusters and other attorneys to resolve cases.
4. Having practiced in this community, other lawyers and insurance adjusters know how we operate. This means they give us the respect we have earned as lawyers with integrity and lawyers who fight for our clients.
5. Very few things are more important to a local attorney than his or her reputation among the members of his or her community. We will fight hard for you to maintain our reputation as strong advocates for our clients. We never want to lose the respect of our clients!!
6. This is where we do business. This is where we live.  This is where participate in community matters. It is also where we participate in local or statewide politics which directly effect our clients and our community.
7. A local lawyer is trained and educated the exact same as a lawyer from outside your community.
8. The likelihood of obtaining a fair settlement for your claim is often increased when you have a local attorney because the adjuster knows its much easier for the local lawyer to file a lawsuit.  Its easy for us to file lawsuits throughout North Mississippi and its easier for us to litigate cases because we are already here and don’t have to travel.
9. Save Money! Hiring a local lawyer cuts down on costs such as travel, hotels and meals which are often billed to clients. Your local attorney can meet with witnesses and local doctors without having to travel.
10. Developing a relationship with a local attorney can be helpful to you in many ways.  For instance, here at Roberts Wilson, P.A., we are always happy to help point someone in the right direction if a client’s problem is outside of our area of expertise.  We do this all the time!

Roberts Wilson, P.A. Injury Lawyers’ practice is limited to accident and injury law including but not limited to, motor vehicle crashes, slip and fall, work place injury and many other types of injuries and accidents. We are are located in Oxford, Mississippi and regularly practice in the following counties: Marshall, Panola, Pontotoc, Union, Desoto, Yalobusha, Tate, Tunica and many others counties throughout North Mississippi.

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