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Wanna know something about the charming gecko with the Aussie accent in the Geico commercials?

He, and many others in the insurance industry, are devoted to pulling a fast one on you with their clever commercials by lulling you into a false sense of security.

And the consequences of that can be astronomical for you and your family if you fall for the traps they lay when you actually need their help.

Please read all of this article as it may help you or a friend or relative get the help they need after a traumatizing accident.


1. They’ll encourage you to settle your claim before you should!

Insurance companies are skilled at ratcheting up the pressure on unsuspecting victims who are thinking of nothing but their pain.

It’s like a wild animal preying on something at its weakest.

There is absolutely NO RUSH to sign anything, make an official statement, or report all the details of your accident to either your insurance company or that of the other party involved.

You do have certain duties to your own insurance company in order to take advantage of your coverage so please keep this in mind.

However every policy is different and you will want to file a claim of course, but it doesn’t hurt to call an injury lawyer to figure out the best course of action.

Most injury lawyers will review your claim for free and my firm is no different.

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Call me, Roberts Wilson PA, at 662 533 9111 to see if you have a case and what to do BEFORE you talk to the insurance company or file a claim.

2. They’ll look for inconsistencies in your accident report and health bills

Lots of people assume that their insurance company is looking out for their best interests, but the truth is that when you’re in a bad wreck with costly bills…….

They want you to trip up in the process to getting these bills taken care of!

Hospitals and medical providers will actually try to make more off of your misfortune by trying not to bill your health insurance company for the medical bills.

This is NOT FAIR! You pay for health insurance, take advantage of it!


It’s scary but it’s true. Better yet, if these details are not submitted before a certain deadline, the health insurance company may not pay a thing, and the hospital profits from your misfortune.

We haven’t even mentioned what will happen if you actually do everything right.

An insurance company is trained to comb through your health records for pre-existing conditions that could have nothing to do with your accident related injuries.  And they will even try to blame dormant pre-existing problems to justify paying you less for your injuries.

Its not fair and an experienced injury lawyer won’t let them get away with sham defenses!


3. Sorting through all the details can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t regularly deal with this


After an accident, deadly or not, the insurance companies will want lots of proof of the damages to yourself, your loved one, and your vehicle.

It will seem absurd to do this after you can barely walk yourself around your home, let alone do an honest day’s work, but the insurance companies will be pressuring you to act fast.

Some of the things that will occur after an accident that might surprise you are the following:

  • Insurance adjusters will want recorded statements to use against you
  • Hospitals and Emergency medical providers will refuse to bill health insurance
  • Your health insurance company may require special documents to protect their interests
  • Your own doctor may refuse to treat you just because you have been in a car wreck
  • Vital Evidence could disappear quickly when the damaged car is sold or repaired
  • Professional insurance adjusters may try to take advantage of your lack of experience


A personal injury attorney can handle the insurance adjusters and get the evidence necessary to showcase your physical state.

We’ll tell you when and if to file a claim, what to say to both your insurance company and that of the other drivers, and how to submit all the necessary details. We do this for you.

In the meantime, if you have questions about how long it’ll take the insurance company to settle, the potential damages you could be rewarded, whether your health insurance should be involved, etc……..

Don’t hesitate to call me, Roberts Wilson, at my office at 662 533 9111.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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