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Will I get a better settlement if I hire a Lawyer?

Roberts Wilson, P.A. | July 7, 2012

Roberts sat down with Johnny Ross at WABG to discuss the advantages of hiring an attorney when seeking a settlement with an insurance company.

Johnny asked the following question:

“It’s been said that people who are involved in auto accidents have a better chance at getting more money if they retain a lawyer than if not?”  Click here to view video.

The fact is, Attorneys negotiate for a living and understand the legal environment where your case could be filed in court.  Most personal injury attorneys should know how much your case should be worth considering all the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and where the case could be filed in court.

Filing a lawsuit should always be the last resort and in most instances this is only necessary when the insurance company won’t be fair and pay what an injury victim is entitled to.

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