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Make Highway 7 South Safe!

robertswilson | October 14, 2021

If you live or work in Lafayette county, there is no doubt you have heard about the terrible accidents on Highway 7 South between Oxford and the 7/9 Split near Water Valley. If you live in that area, you have probably even grown accustomed to the sirens heading towards the 7/9 Split on a daily basis.

You may already know that this stretch of Highway 7 recently took the lives of three more people in two different crashes, but what you may not know, is there are several good folks in our community trying to do something about it.

Among the good people taking action is Oxford native and owner of the Bullseye 95 radio station, Jason Plunk. Jason has started a Facebook Group called Highway 7 South Updates and Concerns. The page is designed for folks who want a place express their opinions and concerns about this dangerous stretch of highway. The page will also be posting updates on the issue like construction updates, and hopefully, timelines.

Please consider joining this Facebook page by clicking this link. The more folks we have expressing their opinions and concerns about this situation, the quicker our state officials and MDOT will act.