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Please tune in to WABG’s Good Morning Mississippi

On Tuesday May 26th, 2012, I will begin the Legally Speaking with Attorney Roberts Wilson series that is being featured during WABG’s Good Morning MississippiLegally Speaking with Attorney Roberts Wilson is being hosted by Delta T.V. Personality Johnny Ross.   

Throughout the series, Roberts and Johnny will discuss various topics that come up in a personal injury law practice and Roberts will provide general information about injury claims and other legal matters including auto insurance claims.

The following topics are scheduled to be discussed in the first few months of the series:

18-Wheeler Wrecks are not the same as car wrecks

Do I have to go to a hearing to be approved for Social Security?

Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Damages in a Defective Drug or Medical Device Case

Slip and Fall Accidents

Roberts Wilson, P.A. Home Visits

Tricky Insurance Adjusters

Why People Usually get More Money With a Lawyer

What Happens at a Social Security Hearing

Why Settling a Case too Quick Can be a Bad Idea for Some

How can you participate? 

For future shows, we have set up a special e-mail address for you to send questions to me. If your question is selected to be answered on the air, you will receive a Free Roberts Wilson, P.A. “Moment of Truth” T-Shirt.

Send your questions to [email protected]. Before answering your question on the air, you will recieve a phone call from Attorney Roberts Wilson.   He will discuss the matter with you and make sure there is no other information he needs to answer your questions as fully as possible.

DISCLAIMERPlease remember that the information on the show is being provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice about your particular situation.  No two legal matters are the same and applicable legal advice depends on specific facts that are unique to each situation.

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact our office at (662) 533-9111 for a Free Initial Consultation.  We charge no fee unless we collect for you.