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Feet First-Water Safety Campaign

Roberts Wilson, P.A. | July 10, 2011

Every summer we hear tragic stories about people of all ages being injured in diving accidents.  Diving into shallow water is extremely dangerous.  Diving into shallow water can cause head injuries and neck injuries that can cause paralyzation or death.

When reading an article in the Mississippi Press about a Pascagoula woman, I was reminded of the Feet First Campaign I remembered from my childhood.  The article was about a young lady named Katy Blake who was paralyzed from the chest down after diving into shallow water.  She was on a Canoe trip with friends near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

I did a quick search for the Feet First campaign on the internet but could not immediately find a sight dedicated to this water safety subject. However, I did find a water safety website for kids that provides good water safety tips for people of all ages.  Click here to go to the water safety page.  In a nutshell, the Feet First Campaign is about educating people about the dangers of diving into water that you dont know the depth of.

We are all vulnerable to letting our guard down and diving into shallow water without thinking.  I, myself, have been surprised by how shallow water was that I thought was deep enough to dive into.  Luckily, I was not injured but the consequences of letting my guard down could have been catstrophic.  When swimming or playing in water that you are not sure is safe for diving, ALWAYS GO IN FEET FIRST.

Katy Blake and her family have set up a Facebook page to help raise funds for her rehabilitation expenses. Click Here to go to the Help Katy Back to Rehab Facebook Page.