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Unfortunately, in this line of work, you hear a lot about the worst kinds of tragedies and accidents.  Today, I learned about a tragedy at a TVA dam in Florence, Alabama where a TVA worker was electrocuted after he came in contact with a “live electrical box”.  The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported the man passed away around 9 am this morning after the incident.  Please pray for this family.

In any electrocution case, the victim or their family will want to have an experienced personal injury attorney investigate the incident quickly and carefully to find out what went wrong.  Electrocution injuries and deaths are not always “just accidents” often times, someone was careless or safety rules were not followed.  Personal injury lawyers know what to look for and know how to hold careless parties responsible.  Often time its something as simple as a “off switch” or  “main” being engaged in a work area when it should be disengaged.  Some places even have gates that prevent workers from entering an area when there are live wires and objects in close quarters.

While it may be a workers compensation matter, there is always the possibility that a third party claim could exist.  This is where a third party contractor, say someone who worked on the “electrical box” in the scenario above, was negligent in repairing or installing the box.  If a third party did something careless or negligent, the victim or their family will not be limited to the workers compensation system for seeking compensation.  Therefore, they may not be limited to the caps put in place by workers compensation statutes.

Electrocutions are more common than I thought they were before I started practicing law and I have two cases involving electrocutions in my office right now.  The statistics provided by the Electrical Safety Foundation International might surprise you.  There are approximately 150 electrocution fatalities per year now days.

The good news I see in this article is that the number of fatalities has dropped dramatically since the early 2000’s.  Hopefully this trend will continue.

Please take time to click this LINK ON ELECTRICAL SAFETY from ESFi so you will know how to protect yourself and your family from electrical hazards.



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