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Businesses would be well advised to carefully plan their survival strategy for the Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic and its fallout. Disputing insurance coverage decisions may become part of that strategy if  insurance companies make coverage decisions in error or in bad faith.

Your business or commercial policy may or may not have Business Interruption Coverage but you need to know for sure.  And you need to make sure their coverage decisions are made correctly before you give up on a claim. Businesses are entitled to the coverage for which they paid premiums and for which they contracted.  Policy holders should not be penalized because of ambiguous terms and poorly worded exclusions.

Insurance Companies may try to deny these claims in error or in bad faith as a way to save money during this crisis. This is not to say that there won’t be legitimate denials of coverage but each policy and claim must be evaluated standing alone.  Policies and claims will each be different.

Though there will be commonalities among policies issued by the same companies,  each company may use unique language and therefore be more or less subject to interpretation. Generally speaking, ambiguities are often resolved in favor of the policy holders and in favor of providing coverage when subjected to legal scrutiny.

Click here to see a WWL article about a case that has been filed in New Orleans on behalf of the Oceana Grill.

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