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Breast Implant Liability

Breast implant manufacturer Allergan recently issued a worldwide recall of its “textured” breast implants.  The reason for the recall is there has been a documented association between the implants and a rare type of cancer.   Particularly, the implant has been linked to lymphoma.

This is a developing story but what we know now is there are approximately 573 cases of lymphoma associated with these implants world wide and 33 deaths that have been linked to the implants.  Each of these women or their families will have claims against Allergen concerning this development.

Our understanding is that the company is recommending women have their healthcare provider monitor them for development of the disease but it does not appear that anyone is recommending removal of the breast implants yet.

Here are some national news stories about the recall:

CNN Story on Allergan Breast Implant Recall

National Public Radio Breast Implant Recall Story

What can a lawyer do for you in a situation like this?

If you or someone in your circle of family or friends had developed lymphoma and also have breast implants, that person or their family needs to seek legal counsel right away to determine whether or not they might have a claim for damages.  This is called a products liability claim.

A product liability claim is best described as a claim against a company or manufacturer who puts a dangerous product into the market without proper warning or consent and someone suffers and injury because of it.

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by Roberts Wilson
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