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Bolivar County Trucking Accident

Roberts Wilson, P.A. | August 28, 2011

Mississppi has lots of four lane highways that run through rural areas and we all have to watch out for the other guy all the time. All of us have probably seen what the truck driver in the article below says he encountered on Highway 61 in Bolivar county.   A driver crossing a major highway while not paying attention or trying to beat an approaching vehicle across.

The 18 Wheeler Crash in this Bolivar Commercial did not have to happen.  If you are driving on a major highway with lots of crossings like Highway 61 in the Delta, you have to drive defensively.  Seeing a vehicle approaching the intersection too fast and reacting appropriately may save your life.

Personally, I try to alert drivers approaching Highway crossings to my presence by keeping my lights on.  I also prepare myself for what the driver in the Bolivar Commercial is alleged to have done when they made a risky crossing.

Be careful and ALWAYS watch out for the other guy!