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airbag2Believe it or not the Airbags in your car are complex safety devices that can be deadly when not used properly. How do you properly use an airbag? This is a good question. The vehicle manufacturers design the airbag with the assumption that the occupant of a vehicle will be seated in the seat and belted with their feet on the floor and nothing in their arms, like a child or backpack.

The girl in this Toronto Star article made a very common mistake and it almost cost her her life. She propped her feet up on the dashboard blocking the trajectory of the airbag just before an unexpected crash. The results were devastating.

Important take away from this blog post is to always obey rules when it comes to vehicle safety. Always!

  • Wear your seat-belt
  • Secure baby seats correctly
  • Sit appropriately in your car seat
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Don’t speed
  • Don’t drink and drive!

For additional Air Bag Safety Tips, check out these webpages:

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