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Are you familiar with Juul?  You’ve probably seen them being used by people and you may have even seen them used by kids.  Juul is a vape device, or nicotine delivery system, and is essentially a replacement product for cigarettes.  But Juul comes with its own set of problems.  Its highly addictive, even more than cigarettes, and contains a witches brew of flavoring and other chemicals that have been linked to health issues.

What started out as a popular way for people to quit smoking soon turned into a $5billion dollar business that controls the majority of the United State’s Vaping market.  How did they do it?

Juul grabbed this huge piece of the market share by utilizing a highly effective, state of the art, marketing program that turned thousands of people on to its product.  The problem? Many of Juul’s users are now seriously addicted to their product and suffering other health issues.

Did you know Juul vapes have more than twice the nicotine that its biggest competitors?  This means users of Juul have an increased risk of the likelihood of addiction.  Studies show that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and even more addictive than alcohol and sedatives.

Nicotine is also known to have a variety of health effects including:

  • Highly addictive
  • Brain and lung development issues when used in adolescence
  • Unborn and Infant Children
    • Multiple organ side effects
    • Brain development issues
    • Learning and development issues
    • Endocrine systems
    • Reproductive systems
    • Respiratory systems
    • Asthma
    • hypertension
    • SIDS
    • Primes young brains for depression and addiction
    • Increase in chance of poor academics
  • Speeds Cancer Growth

Juul’s marketing of flavors such as cherry, orange, mint and strawberries give Juul a candy-like image which is inappropriate for a delivery system for a highly addictive drug like nicotine.  Furthermore, this type of marketing attracts children and Juul has been accused of being highly effective at doing so.  Additionally, it’s alleged that the sleek and easily concealed design, makes it far easier for young people to hide their use of a Juul from adults who may advise against it. One research called Juul’s marketing, “patently youth-oriented” so you can see why so many young people are using Juul and becoming addicted.

If your children are addicted to Juul vaporizers, we would like to hear from you.  Children who may have been wrongfully targeted by Juul’s ad campaing and who have suffered health consequences, may have a claim for money damages from the company.  To have your or your loved one’s claim evaluated, please call 662.533.9111 or visit with our on line receptionist about setting up a visit with someone here at our office.

Other Concerns and Resources

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Use of Juul’s  has also been connected to seizures.

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